On the off chance that you are searching for how to start a blog at that point you are in the opportune place. In this post I go over the diverse considerations and choices you have to make when you start a blog.

udemy how to start a blog

  1. What are you reasons for blogging? You have to choose what you are blogging for. Is it for the sake of entertainment or benefit? In the event that you are chasing guests to your blog, what do you want them to do when they arrive? Maybe you simply jump at the chance to compose, that is fine, and blogging can be absolutely therapeutic in some ways.

  1. Choose what you will blog about? In the event that you are extremely certain about the reason that you are blogging then that will enable you to understand udemy how to start a blog and settle on what you will blog about. What you will blog about is also dictated by the general population that you are endeavoring to talk to. You can blog about current news, viral recordings or controversial themes. You can adhere to a certain theme, eg car repairs, or how to get a six pack. By staying steady on one theme you can gain believability and be viewed as a specialist in your field. Item audits are also something to be thankful for to blog about.

  1. Free blog or paid blog?

Free blogs are all finished the web, essentially complete a web search and you can discover a few. A few examples are blogger.com, WordPress.com, blog.com and Weebly.com. Presently with most things in life opportunity isn’t free. Your blog won’t be your own; the domain will be something like bradsblog.wordpress.com so you will have the same domain name as many other individuals. On the off chance that you are hoping to make cash the greater part of the free administrations don’t allow you to advertise on their destinations. Free blogging administrations aren’t the best alternative yet are an easy free way to dunk your feet in the water.

For a paid blog you have to pay for the domain and the facilitating. You will then claim the blog yourself and thusly have more control over the blog when you start to attempt and make cash. A considerable measure of the free blogs doesn’t allow you to advertise on it. You can utilize the free program WordPress.org program to put on your blog, which will give you subjects and utilities to help make your blog.

Cheap alternatives are brainhost.com, HostGator.com, GoDaddy.com all offers facilitating arrangements. For example GoDaddy.com facilitating starts at $2.99/month. So you are taking a gander at about $36 dollars a year for facilitating. Take a gander at all the choices and see what special deals you can get. The greater part of these facilitating furnishes will give you directions on the most proficient method to utilize their easy 1 click installation of WordPress on your new facilitated domain.