Quick History Lesson for Painting Cars

There has been a lot of arguments regarding the concept of custom painting which are done on the cars by various people who own a car. The arts and designs are generally their own creativity and just like tattooing, custom car painting has become very popular among us. The art and design portray the person’s character and his belief just like behind every tattoo there is a story which gave birth to a new meaning.

First custom painting on a car was done by Janis Joplin on his Porsche and John Lennon on his Rolls Royce Phantom during the 1960s which were drawn by the artists completely tripping on mushrooms and LSD.

And since then the number of car artists grew in number as car painting became a common culture among the young adults who owned a car back then.

Car artists from various parts of the world gathered together during the 1990s and even on 31st December 2010 there was a great exhibition where cars having marvelous and beautiful artwork were put on display for the people to admire with over 100 entrants.

The popularity of custom art car haven’t just stayed among the youths, the popularity extended to a huge extent and during the 20th century, lots of cars having customized art and paintings were used in tv commercials namely the Weinermobile, size of a minibus which looked like hot dog inside a bun.

It is quite inevitable that the popularity of customized car painting grew and extended to various parts of America as well as different parts of Canada, Europe and British Colombia. The painting style of each place is different and it became easier for people to figure out the country of origin of any car just by analyzing the art and design used to make the car look unique from the rest.

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Are you Kidding Me With These Savings?

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Negative aspects of Quadcopters

Everything has its positive and negative sides. I am sure before buying a quadcopter, you have heard loads about its positive sides but, one must also be aware of its negative sides. Curiosity is not a sin. It’s all about an individual’s perception regarding how he/she grasps the entire concept of a subject.

There are people who have found various negative sides of quadcopters. And they’re continuously utilizing its trait in order to attain such tasks. Since the flying device is entirely unmanned, it gives the upper edge for not getting caught red handedly while working his/her way to achieve the task.

Recently, I watched on the news that, the border police between Mexico and America found a drone which crash landed on a desert. Let’s find the full info at http://thebestquadcopters.com. Later, it was found that the drone was transporting a huge amount of meth, however, the delivery was unsuccessful. I was stuck in wonder after finding out that the same device is also used widely for search and rescue missions.

Sometimes I get really depressed thinking about how United States of America have been continuously wiping out the innocent Muslims around the world. Everyone has imperfection, for which it is wise not to judge everyone similarly as there are good among the bad. America never have had the right to create such a massacre by killing innocent women and children of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. And the only weapon America vigorously uses is drones. Yes, military drones are high tech full of technology which are so stable and strong that they are also able to carry bombs and machine guns for killing. The drones can hover thousands of miles above the ground and target the exact location from there for bombing the entire place. Millions of lives have been lost so far using this mechanism. There are even quadcopters with cameras that you can use.

Perception determines a person’s character. Someone who is evil minded will generally look out for ways to utilize that device by causing harm to the others. It is extremely important that we also learn to change our perception and make this world a better place to live in.

Strollers Are Really Cool Bro!

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Interesting Money Making Tactics

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